Hi all, aint been on here for some time and i think after last talking to ste a few weeks ago its time to sell all my rc cars and equipment. im gonna list it all below.

sorry to see it all go. but hopefully someone can make use and get them running like they were made to be.

Losi 8ight truggy. working but in need of service. only had 6 tanks through it, included is a starter box and controller. dx3s is the controller. its a pretty good one that.this losi also has an uprated waterproof servo for both throttle and steering. 180 for the losi.

2 x Hpi trophy buggies. one in pieces and one in working order. both got good engines and wheels. both have controllers. one is pull start and one is roto start. 3xroto starts included. 100 for both or 60 quid each

hpi savage for parts. not running as in pieces. engine is good just needs full service and putting back together. one tyre needs sticking to rim. other 3 are ok. this is also roto start. 70 for this.

i wil take 300 for the job lot. this includes lots of batteries and charges aswell as glow plugs and glow starters. i will throw in all tools i have in my rc bag aswell. screw drives and spare parts.

contact chris_gwhewell@msn.com or facebook christopher whewel. or reply to this thread